Carmen and Nelson’s Wedding

“One of our close friends recommended Trevor Tse Studios to us for our wedding videography. Upon meeting Trevor and discussing our wedding video requirements, we were immediately impressed by his cinematography background. Not only was he very knowledgeable and took the time to explain all the various cinematography techniques, we were also impressed with his energy and professionalism. Trevor had prepared (in advance) some ideas of what his vision for our wedding video would look like, and after hearing all the options - we were duly impressed and enlisted his service. We gave him our wedding song and he came up with a detailed schedule listing all the cinematography shots he wanted to capture to integrate with our wedding song.

Trevor worked diligently to schedule time with us to capture pre-shoots leading up to our wedding day, including a traditional Chinese family gathering, and our bridal shower. All of which would collectively be a part of our wedding footage. On the day of our wedding, Trevor insisted on arriving at 5am to capture the bridal make-up and hair session and worked professionally until well after midnight of our wedding day to ensure he had captured every single important moment for us – close to 20 hours of hard work! Trevor was a pleasure to work with – he listened to what we wanted, was always professional in his interactions with our family and friends, and created a high-quality wedding video for us to enjoy. He was even able to do same-day editing at our wedding dinner (which we understand is very difficult) – that our guests thoroughly enjoyed seeing the events from earlier in the wedding day. The resulting same day wedding video product exceeded all of our expectations, and is still being talked about during our post-wedding meetings with family and friends.

After we got back from our honeymoon, we were very happy to hear from Trevor who proactively told us how the editing of the rest of the video footage was coming along. In addition to the professionally edited master video, he also provided us with plenty of raw un-edited footage covering the entire wedding day events, which we were exceptionally satisfied with. He also provided extra DVD copies for our families and close friends, saving us time and money.

Thank you for being so great to work with. We will definitely recommend Trevor Tse Studios to our family & friends to capture all their special moments.


Carmen & Nelson”

Sunny Choi - International Pianist

“Working with Trevor is a true privilege. When I explain an idea for a new project, Trevor clearly understands already sees what the finished product would look like by being articulate about describing specific scenes, video treatment that he envisions. Meanwhile, Trevor’s an excellent listener and is very much open to new ideas. Watching my video that’s been worked on by Trevor is a physical proof of transformation of what was once rough ideas in my head into a beautiful and organized form of art”.
Thank you, Trevor.